Angels are the Spirit made material. At moments of great spiritual importance, they are present. They protect, comfort, warn and challenge us to rise to our most sublime self. Perhaps, they are a projection of the presence of God in us.
Wonderful images of angels are present throughout the history of Western art. These silver angels are based on images that range from the 11th century, through the Renaissance, up to the present. They were taken from Ivory carvings, manuscripts, and paintings.

We hope that you will find your Personal Angel in our collection.

We have guardian angels, including Daniel's Angel, angels of the nativity, angels of the annunciation , angels of adoration , the Archangel Michael, the angel Gabrial, the angel of divine knowledge, beautiful angels from images out of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, angels of the Ascension, or you can visit the page of our heavenly band angels which feature the angels of each time of day as well as angels playing harps or other musical instruments.

Silver-Angels in the round or coin format (for example: the angels in the heavenly band) are available as pocket angels at $80 each, but can be converted into pendants for a $5 additional charge. All other Silver-Angels are available as either pendants or pins. Pins cost an additional $5 per angel.
You can special order your angels in 14K or 18K gold or request that your angel pendant be hand strung into a necklace with semi-precious stones. Please click the CUSTOM ORDERS button for custom requests.

The Guardian Angels

About The Angels

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St. Matthewís Angel

From Book of Hours, by Barthelemy van Eyck, 1445 Aix-en-Provence, France

This angel is a source of divine knowledge. The angel holds an open book for the evangelist, St. Matthew to read.

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Angel at the Sepulcher

From an Italo-Byzantine Ivory carving, twelfth century.

An angel announces to the two Marys that He who they seek is risen

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Angel in Flight

From Journey of the Magi, by Benozzo Gozzoli, 1459-60, Chapel, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Florence, Italy

The singing and praying choirs of angels are embedded in a paradisiacal landscape

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From a German (Cologne) Walrus ivory carving, Second Quarter of the twelfth century

Christ is taken up into a cloud. The angel is a witness to Christís departure from physical presence to the more profound spiritual presence.

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Last Judgment

From an Italo-Byzantine Ivory carving, twelfth century

An angel (Gabriel) blows his horn signaling the resurrection of the dead.

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Annunciation of Allori

From The Annunciation, by Alessandro Allori, 16th Century, Accademia, Florence, Italy

Gabriel is one of the most benevolent of angels. He is the Angel of Hope and interpreter of dreams

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Annunciation of Botticelli

From Cestello Annunciation, by Sandro Botticelli,, 1489, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy

The angel Gabriel announces to the Virgin that she will bear the Son of God. There is drama and emotional intensity as the angel beseeches Mary to accept her role as Holy Mother.

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Guardian Angel

Unattributed, 19th Century

The invisible angel that guides and watches us is found deep in the heart.

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Daniel in the Lionís Den

From The Walther Bible, 12th Century, Michaelbeuern, Austria

In the depth of danger, an angel of God appears to save and comfort Daniel.

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Angel Face

20th Century, private communication

This energetic angel radiates divinity and benevolence.

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St. Michael

From the Archangel Michael and the Devil, Simon Troger, 1725, Eastern Tyrol

Godís great champion, Michael, is the angel of the Last Judgment, the weigher of souls. He defeated Satan and hurled him down from heaven.

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From a stained- glass window in Le Mans Cathedral, west end, around 1190, Le Mans, Frances

Two angels stand on either side of Christ holding up an oval window in which He stands, one hand in blessing and the other holding a book of wisdom.

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From the Sacramentary of Robert of Jumieges, M.S. 274,between 1016/23, (source: Canterbury), Rouen, France

A happy, fat, and humorous angel observes the joyous event of the birth of Christ.
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